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Strong commitment to the future of print

Reading Eagle Company has purchased a KBA Colora Berliner format press to be installed in a new production and distribution facility to be constructed in downtown Reading, Pennsylvania. Construction of the new facility will commence late this year to allow installation of the new Berliner Colora to begin in mid-2008. The completion of the project is targeted for early 2009.

With the purchase of the new Berliner Colora, Reading Eagle Company becomes the first independent newspaper in North America to embrace the Berliner format.

‘Reading Eagle Company's commitment to KBA and the Berliner format demonstrates a strong commitment to the future of print,’ said Claus Bolza-Schünemann, deputy president of KBA, at the NEXPO trade show in Orlando, Florida. ‘KBA is very pleased to be an integral part of this landmark decision.’

Compact Berliner on the advance
‘This project represents a significant step forward in the North America market for the Berliner format,’ said Gary Owen, vice president of sales and communications for KBA North America. ‘KBA is extremely pleased with the partnership that has been forged with the Reading Eagle Company on this first ever Berliner format press for an independent newspaper in North America.’

Reading Eagle Company firmly believes there is a bright future for the printing industry. ‘We believe print products, including daily newspapers, will be part of people’s lives for a long time,’ said Larry Orkus, Reading Eagle Company associate publisher. ‘To be a successful part of that vision, we must take significant, considered actions to expand our position among the ever-increasing electronic information delivery systems that challenge our franchise. We believe that we must take every opportunity to become more efficient and diverse as a printer for commercial applications as well for our daily newspaper.

‘We are investing in a proven, high-quality KBA offset press. We are demonstrating our continued commitment to our roots as we expand our existing printing facility and consolidate our remote packaging and distribution facility with a new press hall to be located in downtown Reading adjacent to and integrated into our existing facility. A unique and critical element of our approach to embrace the Berliner format is an unprecedented educational partnership with Koenig and Bauer as we systematically educate and train all employees, advertisers and newspaper readers about the benefits of the new format.’

In addition to publishing a daily newspaper, Reading Eagle Company provides commercial sheet and web press products and services, Website design and Web hosting services and complete advertising agency services.

High-tech in detail
The Berliner Colora will include five KBA Pastostar reelstands with Patras M reel-handling system consisting of an integrated stripping and preparation station, 14 turntables and a custom-designed reel track system.

Four full eight couple towers consisting of 32 printing couples will be placed on a concrete substructure also designed and provided by KBA. A double KF3 folder (2:3:3/2:3:3) with variable web width capability will round out the major press aggregates supplied by KBA.

Five former sections, including one equipped with KBA's very successful variable web width functionality, will maximise newspaper and semi-commercial capability of Reading's Berliner Colora. The standard page size of 470 x 305mm will provide readers with a handy format in a broadsheet sectionalised arrangement. The Berliner Colora will also include provisions to allow a smooth transition to a 290mm page format in the future.

With each Colora tower equipped with eight printing couples, Reading Eagle Company will be able to offer readers, advertisers and contract print customers alike 100 per cent colour up to a 64-page broadsheet format. When the press is delivering an 80-page product, 100 per cent colour is still available – with 48 pages in process colour and 32 pages in spot colour.

The Berliner Colora also will feature KBA's very successful Simultaneous Independent Production System (SIPS), which provides an invaluable opportunity to maximise press capability by allowing two different products to be delivered concurrently and completely independent of speeds and other functionality.

Additional semi-commercial features on the new press will include a plough former, two-part section stitcher and quarter folder. Three EAE operator control consoles along with an EAE production planning and presetting system will round out the press automation features.

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