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Beta-tester Athena Graphics endorses GMG ColorPlugin

Athena Graphics is Belgium’s leading flexo prepress provider with subsidiaries in France and the Netherlands. Specialists edit images and layouts in Adobe Photoshop to be able to produce optimal print-ready flexo plates. The individual adaption of colours to the production environment plays a key role: Printing presses, plates, colours and anilox rolls can vary in different printing plants.

Reliability and control in image editing
With GMG ColorPlugin, the colour management company GMG offers a powerful and easy-to-use solution to optimize print data in Adobe Photoshop. As beta tester, Athena Graphics quickly noticed how the colour-accurate softproofing especially of spot colours brought significant gains in reliability and control to the image editing process. Apart from the softproofing, GMG ColorPlugin allows colour edits on entire layouts, single layers down to selected areas. Athena Graphics’ proof manager Johan Heyrick is happy to save time while improving the quality, ‘Both time and the number of approval cycles has been significantly reduced. The investment has paid off in a very short time,’ he commented.

Powerful features, easy to use
In addition to colour-acccurate softproofing, the GMG ColorPlugin provides conversions between colour spaces via GMG OpenColor and the possibility to remove individual colour channels or to exchange them with others. It’s also possible to adapt the first printing dot – an automatic preview visually highlights critical areas.

Click here to learn more about GMG ColorPlugin: www.gmgcolour.com/products/colourplugin/

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