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Renz buy helps Leeds Die Cutting secure profitability

Trade finisher Leeds Die Cutting has completed the transformation of its wire binding production with a third Renz-supplied solution.

Left: Ian Bradley, Leeds Die Cutting owner, with Renz’s UK sales manager Dermot Callaghan

The latest addition for the firm that works mainly with operations in the Leeds, Bradford, Huddersfield and Yorkshire areas is the Renz P500 ES. It joins a Renz AP360 heavy duty punching system and a MOBI 500 automated binder.

Explains owner Ian Bradley, ‘We needed a more efficient way to produce A3 calendars. Before we were not able to punch A3 along the long edge which limited the service we could offer. As a trade finisher you have to be able to handle as many job formats as possible, and we can now do that. It makes our production more flexible. When we started we were wire binding manually, and because we never turned work away we would complete 50 books there or 1,000 there, but it was time consuming. Now we can complete those jobs faster and more efficiently.’

The versatile Renz P500 ES can handle all types of books and calendar punching production with ring wire, plastic comb and coil options. It enables fast die changes, incorporate 2-part split dies for book and calendar work. Bespoke professional dies are available on request. There is QSA (Quick Size Adjustment) for high flexibility of different paper formats, horizontal paper feeding and the ability to handle a wide range of mixed stocks.

Bradley did review what was on the market but liked the Renz P500 ES for a number of reasons, ‘It was capable of doing what we needed it to do. Having two systems already we knew how reliable Renz solutions are. They are also easy to use and set up.

‘The Renz P500 ES does what we need it to do and allows us to complete a greater range of sizes. It has also had a knock-on effect on the other services we offer so now there is more demand for collation and lamination too for example.’

He concluded, ‘From where we are 18 months ago, to where we are now, it is night and day. We have gone from completing £300 to £400 worth of wire binding a month to £3,000 to £4,000 or more in busy months.

‘It was a significant step up for us but it couldn’t have been timed better. We wanted to be able to offer more cost effective A3 calendars. We can do that and now and we have added extra revenue streams. We have moved into new markets and won more work.’


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