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Agfa to showcase new inkjet, workflow and more

Efficiency, Productivity and Sustainability are the themes that will dominate the Agfa Graphics stand at Graph Expo from 7 - 10 October. The company will demonstrate several new and leading products and services built on advanced technologies that enhance the ROI of print. They include:

The Anapurna M2540 FB (pictured above) is a robust, entry-level, flatbed UV inkjet printing system (six colours plus white ink) specifically designed for printing on rigid substrates such as Plexiglass, mirrors, exhibition panels and wood. The dedicated flatbed incorporates features typically found in high-end engines such as a durable, robust design, retractable pins, head safety sensors and foot pedal operation. Ideal for graphic screen printers, photo shops and sign shops, the Anapurna M2540 FB targets the growing demand for niche output, such as promotional goods and gifts, coasters and DVDs.

Apogee Storefront is Agfa Graphics' new cloud-based, Web-to-print solution. Apogee Storefront makes it easy to set up online stores for both printed and non-printed products, giving printers the means to reach new markets and enrich their customers' experience, thus increasing revenue potential. An affordable solution with a robust infrastructure for maximum uptime, Apogee Storefront deploys quickly, easily and inexpensively, improving time-to-market and profitability.

Apogee Suite 8.0, Agfa Graphics' next-generation prepress workflow, designed to help optimise the production processes in offset, digital printing or hybrid printing environments. Apogee Suite 8.0 features new tools, including Apogee Storefront, which is among the many new innovations created to facilitate customer communications.

Agfa Graphics' Arkitex Eversify is a new SaaS Solution for automating the efficient and timely delivery of publications to mobile devices while maintaining a publication's brand image. Arkitex Eversify helps publishers provide as many platforms for their readers as possible to gain competitive market advantage. Graph Expo will also mark the North America debut of Veripress for Arkitex, a full-quality, colour-managed press soft proofing system conforming to all international print standards. Veripress enables press operators to check their publication at the press console with a combination of a high-quality display and a touch screen. It is tightly integrated with Arkitex Director and ensures consistent and accurate soft proofing of all pages of any edition and zone.

The Jeti 3020 Titan is a field-upgradeable, UV-curable, industrial-strength wide-format inkjet printing system designed to handle heavy workloads in a 24/7 environment. It can be configured with 16 to 48 inkjet printing heads, so as business grows, the Jeti Titan will meet productivity demands. The Jeti Titan also has a flat-to-roll option supporting rolls up to 250 pounds and 126 inches wide so media can be purchased more economically.

The centrepiece of the stand is designed to educate and entertain attendees on the many creative applications achieved with inkjet.

'The Six Strings Classic Blues Lounge pays homage to a New Orleans Jazz nightclub,' explained Deborah Hutcheson, director of marketing, Agfa Graphics North America. 'Our challenge was to create an interesting real-life venue that could showcase dozens of creative indoor and outdoor inkjet applications. A visit to Six Strings will inspire print providers to consider the magnitude of inkjet capabilities that can expand their market potential.'

Six Strings demonstrates exterior inkjet output such as wall graphics, street signs, park benches and cafe tables. The interior of the lounge features backlit signage, replicas of vintage signs, floor graphics, textured wallpaper, mirrored signage, wrapped musical instruments and more. 'We are demonstrating our new :Apogee Storefront workflow in the back office of Six Strings to carry through the entire process for attendees.'

Apogee Storefront will join many other products and services being demonstrated on the Agfa Graphics stand at Graph Expo from 7 - 10 October in Chicago.

For more information about Agfa Graphics at Graph Expo, please visit the Graph Expo News Centre at: www.pitman.agfagraphics.com.

For additional information about Agfa Graphics, visit:: www.agfagraphics.com.

Graphic Repro On-line, 3 - 4 October 2012.