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OneVision at IFRA Expo in Hamburg

OneVision will be presenting its latest software innovations at IFRA 2010, taking place from 4 to 6 October in Hamburg, Germany. With its broad range of software solutions designed to automate production processes and optimise limited company resources, OneVision has since long established itself as a reliable partner to newspapers and printing companies around the world.

At IFRA Expo 2010, the company will show its solutions for automated file control, correction and normalisation, ink saving, image enhancement, preflighting of online ads, in-house creation of ePapers and file logistics.

This year’s show highlight at IFRA Expo 2010 will be Mirado: OneVision’s ePaper solution enables publishers to create the electronic version of their publication entirely in-house. Multiple use of the print ad space – e.g. for videos, animations and links – combined with personalisation capacity to target individual groups offer new revenue opportunities. With Mirado, producing ePapers has never been easier: The re-purposing of the print file is fully automated. Quick drag & drop functionality to add rich media content makes editing easy and allows a maximum of flexibility in supporting customised cross media campaigns.

Another highlight will be the new version of Amendo (above): OneVision’s software tool for image enhancement analyses each image independently and automatically makes all necessary corrections and optimisations within seconds. With its intuitive and easy-to-use interface, Amendo provides printers and publishers with professional-quality image enhancement and colour correction that can significantly reduce the time and effort needed to process images and reduce time to press. Amendo 2.5, the latest version of the image enhancement software which was launched recently, now supports Photoshop EPS and PSD files.

‘At the moment, everybody is talking about the latest trends in e-Publishing and e-Reading, especially with the emergence of all those new mobile devices such as iPad, Smartphones and Netbooks,’ said Isabelle Tricot, director of marketing at OneVision. ‘And newspaper publishers need to find new and innovative ways to bring their news content online, as well as generate new revenue streams on evolving Business Models.

‘At IFRA Expo, we will present solutions that help to make use of the numerous business opportunities the internet has to offer, for the mutual benefit of publishers, advertisers and readers,’ Tricot concluded.

OneVision’s software is used by many of the world’s leading commercial and digital printers, as well as publishing organizations in more than 60 countries.

For more information visit: www.OneVision.com.

© Graphic Repro On-line, 1 October 2010.